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We Support the Families of Cobb County, Georgia

We are a passionate group of women and men that disseminate information, donate, volunteer and raise awareness of our community's social issues and area nonprofit agencies. We also aid individuals with unique circumstances whose needs are not met by existing programs. 

Please join in and help contribute to the Cobb County community. Through our Facebook group you can donate, volunteer, advocate, post, like, comment, encourage, lift, support - so much can be done!

Donate/Volunteer. Assist area non-profit agencies and under served persons by donating and volunteering.
Raise Awareness. Raise Awareness of social issues affecting Cobb County
Provide Resources. Help to maintain and provide a list of community resources to allow families in need further sources of assitance.
Online Support. Contribute to a positive online environment that encourages and supports group members and area organizations.
Donate Today. Your contributions will be used to provide temporary assistance for housing, utilities, groceries, and many other expenses that are necessary for families with children to thrive.
Cobb Moms has been a blessing. They were able to assist me with helping me get my head above water with my living situation. I am truly grateful for their kindness and dedication to providing assistance. Once back on my feet, I will make sure to assist another individual in need.


Contact to get more information on our efforts.

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